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Unreliable aimbot.


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I have been using aimbot since it came out back in 2020. When they added prediction just a couple of months later it became super strong and I was fascinated by it.
There was a time predicition had been removed and after a few requests they added it back again and this aimbot was even better. It really was extraordinary. If you understood perfectly how this aimbot worked it would basically make you unstoppable.
I stopped using the service in december for a few months. I'm using it again and I'm confused by what has been done to the aimbot.

Back in december the aimbot used to be remarkable on huntress combined with prediction. It really was something amazing and now that I'm using it again I've noticed that it seems to be very buggy. When you start to aim sometimes it moves your cursor to the sky as if the survivor did some type of jump. It's become very unreliable, it also seems to aim too high sometimes, like it aims over the survivor's head.
It doesn't "lock" properly even with prediction on. Literally, sometimes a survivor just needs to do a little dodge to the right or left and the aimbot loses its "lock" completely and you have to correct the aim. That did not use to happen in the past. This new aimbot locks onto people slugged on the ground which is totally unnecessary. Locking onto survivors on the hook was actually a good idea since it could easily allow you snipe people off the hook.
This is the most shocking part... If you aim to a survivor who's literally standing still in an open area 30 meters away from you, this new aimbot still makes you miss because it just aims way too high.
I don't know what's happened and what has been changed but I have been using the aimbot since it came out so I know what I'm talking about. This new aimbot is not great and the one from december was a lot better.

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