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Request: Predecessor


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yes ok the numbers for the two games are still quite ok, seems to be profitable.
but it would still be nice to get a cheese for a current game and not for games you played a long time ago.

And of course I know that "Predecessor" hasn't been released yet, but it shouldn't be long and there are already stress tests all the time where you can see how you could design a cheese.

I would definitely be happy to see something new in a different genre.

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I dont disagree with making a cheat for it. I like the game as well but i see several issues with it.

1. It's been in development for a long time now and no sign of a release date
2. Since they use the assets from Paragon which are publicly available there are alternatives like Fault or Overprime. Fault is the only one that is already available and has not many players.
3. Paragon died
4. A mmoba usually has almost everything running serverside so if they do it like league it might be almost impossible to have interesting features in a cheat.

But we will see :)

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