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Review 2022


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When starting my journey in squad i came back to CHOD and tried the cheese, and boy does it not disappoint.
I've been on for atleast 4-5hours daily and it has been about an month since my purchase, and i'm still going strong.
i have nothing to contribute other then a review, so i think i owe as much.
In Short, amasing cheese, good price, good functions, safe, will continue membership.

I have not once been removed from either live public or custom games, and i've been actively playing among people in close groups without suspicion.
I've been apart of clan-trainings and been closely watched by admin-cams in order to judge my performance, again without suspicion.
So let's start there, if your not rage-cheesing and are mindfull of how you conduct yourself there should be no issues.
(I'm not saying it won't happen, or if you have been detected your doing it wrong. mere my own expierience)

Only Settings i use:

ESP Vehicles Only when used, max distance 900.
ESP Skeleton, Distance, Max distance 600.
AIMBOT fov 1.5, Smoothness, Prediction, No recoil, No sway.


** Ferther ESP distance clutters the screen, especially with names,weapon,etc enabled and will reduce fps slightly.
** Having visibility check on does nothing, it's not an accurate representation if an enemy is visible or not. game calculates all objects as solid.
** Ferthermore, Having ESP box ON will block the vision of an enemy's head etc, especially at ferther distances.
** Skeleton lags behind the actual enemy a little but doesnt clutter or obstruct your vision of an enemy.
** Rest is self-explanatory.

Some pointers for covertly cheesing (SKIP as review):

** Using Unlimited ammo recharges RPG/LAW/etc will allow you to reload obviously, but expierienced players around you WILL notice you firing multiple rounds
(which you normally can't without reloading at an ammobox, you will also drop your used LAW, so having multiple on the ground near you..make people question)
** Using the Grenadier class, you can spam it indefinitely in quick succession using Unlimited ammo. ( in normal play you have 10 shots, and have to reload every single one)
** Using any increment of speed above 1.00 will make your character not only move faster, but you breathinganimation becomes enhanced, can be noticed by others.
( it also increases deployments speeds, getting into vehicles faster etc, also squad is a "map-watching-intensive-game" you moving across the map faster is very obvious.)
** Having an high FOV on when using aimbot will make you snap at targets you are not specifically targetting, shooting someone behind cover you cant see, or not taking out
the obvious target that is infront of you makes it very obvious for players around you.

** General KDA per game exceeding miles above others. on average a good player will take out around 20-30 people in an RAA or RAAS match using infantry, having 50-60kills
is bringing way to much attention too you, especially on an regular basis consistantly. hold fire, call out enemies, and let your teammates handle it at times.
** Don't call out anything that's very obvious you can't possibly see playing legit. (enemy armor behind hills, radios glitched in spots you cant get too, etc)
** Using no-recoil is a god-send. but you fireing fully automatic at an exceeded distance, and landing shots in close grouping will raise questions.

I came to a point to where i can observe a player and can easily tell if they are using or not. disregarding most of the above. admins and expierienced players in this game know
what to look for after years and if your honestly serious about hiding what your doing.. just be mindfull. if you are simply having fun raging. by all means this doesnt apply to you.

Personal review:

Very clean and easy interactable hud to work with and all functions i am personally interrested in work and are very descriptive of what they do if your unformiliar.
Even the functions that i do not personally use work as described when testing them, but refuse to use them because they are to blatantly obvious.
The program is easy to setup and inject, and never failed me ones as long as i run the game in borderless and with administrator. very smooth and never crashed ones in 25+days.

Other topics judge individual features with ratings, yet without having something to compare it too that would be ignorant on my behalf to do so.
The other topics do explain and have been replied too with some aimbot prediction inaccuracies, also skeleton esp outline not being entirely on point all the time..
so i going over those is redundant, and honestly if you burst a volley you'll get them regardlessly, if anything it hides my use of an cheese that much better.

I can confirm however that whenever the driver of an vehicle leaves his/her seat it entirely removes you being able too see the vehicle on the ESP though.
even if you disable "enable only used vehicles" it will now show all vehicles including the ones in their base, and sometimes friendly vehicles.

Apart from that, i thank you CC. for yet another amasing asset. Special thanks to Faceless getting me going.


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