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Aimbot options


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"Enabled" checkbox - enables/disables the aimbob (duh). If you want to use it - make sure it's enabled.


"FOV" slider - in simple terms, sets the "target area" around your crosshair/center of your screen. If your target (killer/survivor) is within the "target area" when you press the ambob activation button, it starts to aim for you; if it's outside the target area - nothing happens. If you want the aimbob to work every time when you can actually see your target - set it to 60 and you will be alright. Set it high enough and it will actually turn you towards your target when you're looking the other way.


"Smoothness" slider - how fast aimbob moves your crosshair towards your target. On the default value it pretty much snaps to it. I use default, killers are too preoccupied by being blinded to notice something.


Key - used to set your aimbob activation key (duh #2). Remember you must press and hold it in order to aim.


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