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August News 2021


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Hey guys :)

As you probably noticed, in the past few weeks things were going really slowly. This is because one of our coders @Don Coderleone is currently on vacation and cannot take care of the cheats as much. That's also the reason why deadside, apex and dbd are not up yet.

The good thing is he will be back soon and everything will be normal again!

On top of that i would like to add some infos on what we are working and what the current state is.

The test run went well and our protection is being stronger then expected. Keep in mind that rust has one of the strongest eac implementations and we are currently using our "weaker" system for it, so that's a really good result. We are also actively working on the memory issue and should be able to fix it in the next few days.

Upcoming cheats:
There are 2 new cheats at the end of the tunnel which will be New World and DayZ. We already started working on New World during the closed beta and expect to release the cheat shortly after the game comes out (if it doesn't get delayed again -.-).

Dayz is currently in the staff only test run and we had no bans so far.

We all know that not offering a spoofer these days is not the best thing. Spoofers have become a necessarity and we started working on that as well. This might take a while and might not work for all games, but when it's out we will provide a list of supported games with the current status! What you have to understand is that a spoofer is basically a detection vector which will make it harder for us to determine if the spoofer or the cheat is detected. So we recommend to only use it if you really have to.

That's it for now, thank you all for sticking with us and have a nice day!


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