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Squad Review 11th July 2021


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Hello my friends, I want to leave a review for a few reasons:


  • To let people know whether it is a good/bad idea to buy
  • To leave my thoughts on the cheat
  • Some other reasons I will state in the review 





Really all the features you need are here, ESP of all kinds (Infantry, Distance, Vehicles, FOB, Mines etc) Fully customisable aimbot (THAT WORKS GREAT) with prediction. Inf. Stamina, Inf. Bullets, Inf. Breath Hold, No Recoil, No Sway - Really everything you need to destroy the enemy if you so desire.

It hasn't been detected since launch - which really shows the effort Chod puts in.


Only reason it doesn't receive a 10 is that there is no config saving, but thats a tiny point, since in the staging phase I already set everything up within 15-20 seconds since I know the options I like by heart.





I usually don't write reviews (I never write reviews TBH) but this time I felt that the amazingness of the Staff (namely Faceless and Feary - in no particular order - actually in alphabetical order lol) was the biggest motivation of me writing a review, so that it may be beneficial to the team and obviously to someone who wants to buy the cheat, seeing how amazing everything on chod's cheat is.





When taking price into account, it is only about the features, undetectability and quality of the staff, so for that I am giving this a 10/10





Taking into account the fact that I couldn't find any actual fault in the Chod's cheats and the community, I really couldn't recommend Chod's cheat enough since it's amazing.

So to conclude, I think everyone who wants insane Squad cheats, and support an amazing team along the way, you are in the right place!




Not Related

My recommendation (in my hubmle opinion), on the best way to use the cheat:

Because there is a lot of stuff on the map, I usually set infantry distance between 400-500.

And only use box and distance (I untick everything else)


If there is a lot of infantry somewhere, I turn all ESP off except infantry, and set it to between 350-600 depending on the map and needs at that point in time.


For vehicles if I am playing Anti Tank I set it quite high between 1000-1500. and I tick everything (I  quickly set the ESP to show unused vehicles if I know the enemy left the vehicle, so that they show up on ESP)


Aimbot, I set the FOV to between 1.0 to 2.0, otherwise it can jump between people if they are clumped up.


I leave smoothing 2.0, and set the aim button to "F" usually aiming at head or neck, because many times people only peek from their neck up.


If I want to destroy the enemy I use the Inf Ammo option with No sway and No recoil and aimbot especially when I have new teammates that don't play well, otherwise I just use ESP for a chill game with a  slight (big) advantage.


I usually have infinite stamina, to run long distances, and speedhack if there are no teammates around (if there are a few, I set it to between 1.4-1.7 so they can't tell if I use it in short bursts).







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