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Hunt showdown Cheese guide What to do and not.


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Heyaaa! this is a short summary/guide on how to behave in hunt showdown.


For all of you new hunters and old looking into changing the game, to really turn the tables against the sweats, the campers and the try hards.

this guide is something ive been wanting to write for a while now, after reaching 4000hours on pc and 1k hours on console through legit playtime.

My playtime with cheats is over 1300 hours split on 3 accounts , the main of those 3 AC's i have over 800 hours unbanned. 

i feel like i can write this with confidence and solid knowledge on the matter.


First let me clarify one thing, there is no thing such as safe cheats, if you use cheats there will always be a risk, chod's have a good history with their safety and the quality of their products. So if caught it means cheat got detected or the designated user got detected. The purchase and choice is yours.

Now with this clarified lets go through 5 easy steps.


1. Dont use aimbot 

It must be tempting, getting nailed even when you are cheating is simply tragic. But if you actually want to improve using the cheat as an assist only

i recommend  avoiding the temptation and learn the gunplay and practice your aim on your own.  


but if you really have to, use max smoothing, and the smallest FOV, and remember to enable visibility check. This way the aimbot will only act as an passive aim assist. even then in some scenarios devs or experienced players or veterans will clearly be able to tell that you are cheating.


2. Use your eyes, not the ESP

dont track players through walls

use the in game audio and develope some game sense, there is no way to hide the fact youre cheating if you play like a bot, but when it comes to wallbanging people and snapping heads you are all good. you can also reduce the range on your esp, to prevent sus behavior on your end by accident.


Remember if a player is hiding in a bush dont kill him directly, if possible lure an AI into the vegetated area and kill the AI with fire or poison forcing a reaction from the enemy. If u notice a player is sniping at you from a concealed position but u know his location by ESP, dont counter his gunfire, simply break LOS (line of sight) 


3. Act according to expirience

Work on your hours, have the game open, be afk or simply cheese hours through other means, A profile with 700hours+ is way more legit than an 50 hour 6 kd prestige zero goated player. Simply admit you are a smurf in your steam profile if youre too lazy to conceal your activity any further. 

Do not make your steam account too anonymous as it will result in more suspicion. You can of course use the hide in game stats setting In game, but it will still be suspicious. 


4. Movement

Alright lets talk about the elephant in the room, this is something that usually is a dead giveaway for cheaters. 

The way you move in a game is essential, move the stealthiest way possible, use concealed positions to scout for players. 

If you are a loud player and is constantly aware of who is in your area you have given away the fact that you have more information than what the game normally offers.  


Dont weapon swap constantly or random 360s and snapping towards enemy direction the moment they enter LOS the cheats are simply an utility they only make you appear good, if you are trash at the game these cheats wont change that fact, so do yourself a favor and accept defeat when defeated.


5. Outmaneuver your opponents!

Dont simply clap your rival hunters in the head, outplay and outsmart them. Use the environment, grenades, monsters and teammates, use all your tools in your arsenal. When defending use beartraps, tripmines and barricade entrances. Hold angles and play at a steady pace that appears normal.

When in a gunfight look for a vulnerable  flank and use your ESP do execute a counterplay. If you run into a cheater while cheating let him kill you, killing him will only get you a report and raise suspicions.


Now good luck out there in the field! Time for you to stop being the hunted and become the hunter!.

Dont forget to enjoy summer and hangout with your friends!


NOTE! following these steps can still get you banned, this guide will simply reduce the chances of detection and remember the hunt community you never know who is watching or who clips you and devs are never far away. Stay safe and remember you can always go legit. 


















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