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Hunt Showdown HWID ban


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Let me clarify.


1. It does not mean that you are HWID banned if they ban multiple of your accounts once. It might be just that they identified multiple of your accounts when they decided to ban you. Might be that they just identified your IP & MAC -address or HWID hash to find out all of your accounts.


2. HWID ban doesn't mean that you can play with that account because you are HWID banned and not game banned. The game ban is applied to an account with a reference to HWID hash and the HWID ban prevents you to use the new account. They will ban each of your new accounts based on your HWID hash combination of multiple HWID's.


3. Accounts are lost already. If you want to make sure are you HWID banned you must create/get a new account and login in to that. If you get banned straight away you're probably HWID banned.

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8 hours ago, fabolas said:

Hi, i've cheated and got caught on multiple accounts. but my main account got banned as well (never cheated on that account) i believe HWID ban. is there any way to bypass that ban? or that account is lost as well?

There are a few ways to bypass a hwid ban.


1) get a working spoofer


2) setup a raid0 and hope they only banned your diskdrives(they do in most cases)


3) get brand new hardware(this is the only 100% way to bypass a hwid ban as you get all new hwid's)

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