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Hunt Showdown Review


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First time with using gameplay enhancers (?), floored by how they work.  I initially was looking to understand how people were aware of my positioning at all times when I made no noise, and this really explained what was going on. My best advice is do not use the aimbot otherwise you will be reported frequently since it is super obvious. ESP is the way to go, aim manually - benefit of doubt goes a long way with ESP.

*Some of the features advertised have not yet been developed, or are not available to base level users, such as player name and skeleton esps* One of the issues I have run into is when I run the distributed program, it causes Windows Buffer Overflow errors and requires complete system restarts (notes mainly when streaming to discord, or Alt +tabbing) as it crashes Explorer.exe. My only true complaint revolves around the buffer errors, and I have no clue how to solve the issue.

Easy to customize what you want to use. Works well for what is advertised. I heavily contemplated the use of the program before the purchase, sat anxiously waiting for a member to approve the purchase as my credit company rejected the first payment attempt, and was pleasantly surprised that everything works as it does. I’ve used it for 3 hours total without any problems ingame. For those who are a bit lazy, the price was approximately 60USD. Honestly, good value for the quality of the program.

No more sniping me through crevices I didn’t know were there! 9/10, would be 10/10 if everything worked perfectly and caused no errors (which is probably my own fault since I barely know how to use programs like these).


Edit; It has been about 2.5 weeks on using this program now off and on. I learned how to properly follow sound cues with this, foot step distance based on sound, and actual distances in meters for shots and callouts. I've grown somewhat bored of using the program as it takes away the challenge, I've also learned that the buffer_overflow errors have something to do with alt-tabbing out and going into the discord application - which may be a part of the program itself since it binds to your discord overlay. My real question is "is that BiliTV guy on the leaderboard KDA with 520:1 using Chod's?" Cuz it wouldn't surprise me. Its good stuff.

I've started running into BSODs now too after closing Hunt Showdown, which didn't happen at first. I made registry changes using a cleaning program, which probably screwed up the injector; use caution when using registry cleaning tools.

Hunt said something about an entire security overhaul with the DeSalle release. I still recommend this program, but it would be a good idea to use caution in the near future when DeSalle is released.

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