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Great Cheese 10/10

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It's a really good cheat for DbD 10/10 Played for hours without getting banned :) although it would be great if it  had the following features: Instant Escape,Enable Mori as killer without offering/hooks, Legit Mode(Disables all functions but ESP)

Insta Heal as Survivor as soon as Killer injures you automatically,

Equip Huntress Hatchets as Ghostface and throw at extremely fast speeds with no cool down

Server pause

Instant cleanse totems and hex totems

Perk Stacking(4x NOED,4x Ruin,4x Corrupt Intervention,etc)

Animations manager

Infinity hatchets as huntress Remove all effects as Survivor. Equip other killers powers that aren't of the killer your currently playing and insta permanent NOED when game starts


And especially Generator Blocking and the option to avoid lobbies with other people using Chods. 


And temporarily unlock ALL Perks and Addons (useful as you might be using on a fresh acc)


Overall cheat is excellent and well made quality just needs a lot and a ton of new more interesting features such as the ones I listed above :)


It would be great if the cheat / hack / menu / trainer had this feature 


And maybe a hack that forces all 4 survivors to start together (Like the offering and automatically spawn Killer near them)

A lot of badass options for the Killer Mains out there. :)


and maybe a mod that enables Hex Ruin as base effect.


and a lot of the features that are in this trainer:


 Is that too much to ask? :)




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On 15/06/2021 at 18:02, bliuxter said:

No, please stop.


I'm glad you like the cheat but those features you mention are disgusting imo. This cheat only needs QoL features within its options that already have, no more rage stuff ;/


Hey, the cheat costs a lot of money and i highly believe that for the asking pricetag of $70 a month it needs these features.


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On 15/06/2021 at 19:22, Faceless said:

Thank you for the review!
Unfortunately i had to remove the videos as discussing other providers is not allowed.
If you have any suggestions you can add them here: https://chodscheats.nolt.io/

No problem mate hopefully you can implement the suggestions I said for the cheat if it's not super difficult :)

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