EFT HWID Ban? Please help.

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Hey! Back in 2020 i bought my pc from a friend, Who cheated in eft. He got baned. Than when i got  the pc and bought eft again. I didn't got hwid banned at that time.

Than I player for like 3-4 months Than I got bored of the game, so I decided to sell my account. Someone bought it Than after an hour, i've got this email.



 I really regret selling the game because now i feel like playing again.


So my question is can i buy a New copy of the game, or i got hwid banned?

And if i got hwid baned is it enough to only change one of my ssd in my pc? (The one that the game was installed on.)

Edit: I installed the bsg launcher than i loged in with an account that doesn't own the game. This account didn't get insta banned. Does this helps me?

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