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Escape from Tarkov | Kappa Container | 220Mio Rubel, 87K$ in Stash | Over 400 Mio Stash Value | OE available


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Hi there, I sell my own EfT Account. (Its a RUS Key) but works great on all Servers without a VPN after you are logged in. OE is available and can be changed after I get the payment.

- Level 56
- Ingame Name can be changed
- You will get the OE and you can change them to yours
- Hideout Max with 50 GPUs
- Kappa_Container
- Red Rebbel available
- 225mio Rubel, 87k$ in stash
- 3x THICC Case, 2 THICC Weapon, 2x Weapon Case, 3x Med Case, 1xSICC, 9x Money Case (all full with Rubel), 9x Ammo Case, 1x Grenate Case, 6x Mag Boxes, 2x Holodilnick, 1x Lucky ScavBox
- Different High Value Items
- Online Time 221hours
- Account lifetime: 107 days
- Total stash value in real market prices over 400mio!!! The Ammo in the 3rd Picture is around 29mio Rubel worth
- 2318 Kills -> 699 PMCs
Last real played season around 3 weeks ago!

Price is 200€ or make a realistic offer, I prefare Bitcoin. In some cases in Paypal from trusted Members. We can do this also over a Middleman (you have to pay the fees)

If you need more Info/Pictures or proofs you can add me on Discord and I can show you live farther infos about the Account. My Discord: Brazzers#3827

Every other talk about the trade, price or payment only over chods forum in pm



1. https://i.imgur.com/eeiIEy8.png

2. https://i.imgur.com/9tzLf9e.png

3. https://i.imgur.com/AFxNToa.png

4. https://i.imgur.com/TkHBzDy.png

5. https://i.imgur.com/4jJ3Zpo.png

6. https://i.imgur.com/kCegUBG.png

7. https://i.imgur.com/B8sAyJ6.png

8. https://i.imgur.com/8Y1eFsq.png

9. https://i.imgur.com/ntezW3n.png

10. https://i.imgur.com/d8mFFPX.png

11. https://i.imgur.com/PXNHNaY.png

12. https://i.imgur.com/AFxNToa.png



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