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Dead By Daylight cheat review


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I've been using this hack for a few weeks now and I must say, I'm really impressed.


It has a wealth of features that make the game much more fun.



- The ESP is spot on with toggles to hide things you don't need. I really like how you can see the hatch before it's even spawned.

- The flashlight aimbot is great and Huntress aimbot is decent although you can only hit survivors that are in your line of sight from what I could see, it would be nice to be able to hit survivors across the map, would make the aimbot much better. Although I know this is a WIP so perhaps it's already being considered.

- Speedhack is really nice. I set it to 1.1 and bind it to a mouse button. 1.1 is almost unnoticeable to the killer and other survivors but if you use it wisely (when you've broken line of sight around shack for an example) in combination with the ESP you can loop killers infinitely.

- The ability to unlock all customisations is great, allowing you to get all the cosmetics for free.

- Auto wiggle and auto skillcheck are excellent features that allow you to sit back whilst on a gen or being carried. You can set the auto skillcheck to always hit great skillchecks but I tend to avoid this unless I'm on a gen by myself as I feel it could give me away.

- Instant interaction allows you to instantly complete gens and a few other things and is useful but I only use it very sparingly on generators where no one is around and the killer hasn't checked it in a while. If you use it wisely you turn a certain loss into an escape.



- Not all the killers are named on the ESP. Not a big deal if you play often and get to learn the code names and killer stances but would be a nice thing to keep updated.

- Bit of a performance hit.

- Huntress aimbot is not 100% yet


Things I would like to see in future

- Extended ESP features for countering killers like Nurse and Huntress. Perhaps a toggleable ESP line extending out showing where the Nurse will blink to dependent on the length she holds the blink and for huntress, an indication of where a hatchet might go. Not sure if possible.

- Able to tweak the frequency of great skill checks. A sort of middle ground between having the perfect toggle on and the perfect toggle off.

- Percentage of exit gates


In conclusion, this is the best Dead By Daylight cheat I've used and I'm very impressed with the work the team has done on it. I noticed an update in the past week where they've added new features such as teleportation which is always nice to see a cheat being actively improved on. I would recommend this cheat to anyone looking to have more fun in DBD or to attain the ellusive Rank 1!

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