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Dead By Daylight Review


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Hello, i think it was the time for me to make a honest review of the chods hack on Dead By Daylight after one month of use.


First of all, the cheat is not hard to set-up, just bring a USB-Key and follow the instruction.


The cheat is really good, they don't lie about what they are selling, you got ESP Box with names and a lot's of option with it, you can see all your 

team-mates, the skeleton the states if their about to get killed, all the pallet and window are up too with totem's with a nice build of color so your eyes 

are not bleeding.    ( esp generator - % - if they are repeared - escape gate - hatch & more )


In a survivor perspective it's really good, you got auto skill-check on generator / healing ( you need to put perfect skill against doctor. ) 


So you can chill on a generator and just pressing M1 or focusing on the hex totem's or going into a chase, the ESP work the same for the killer, you can see it perfectly thru wall, skeleton name what's killer you are against same against the Twin's when you can clearly see Victor. 


Aimbot Flashlight ( working pretty good with different smooth ) 

You can use a speed-hack and a no-clip and teleporting, but i can't talk about it because i'm not using them.

You also got a FOV change but it benefict more from the killer side, in my opinion. 


They're actually more in the hack i need to launch the game but i wan't to say buy the hack and just see by yourself. 


Killer perspective well it's basicly the same, you got also ESP and you can just un-tick all thing's you don't really need like generator's hook's escape gate,


I'm using this cheat on my main account because i don't give a damn about a ban, but i'm playing since one month with it and i'm still undetected from EAC, using a perk with survivor / killer like spine-chill or whispers if you are paranoid, i think you really need to act like you see nothing for avoiding manual ban but i think you know it already.


I had some problem's with the hack at the start and the support is always here for helping what do you need is just opening a ticket we had BSOD they fixed it and patched it in a few hours.


It's probably just me but i got some fps drop ( well back to 62 fps with the V-SYNC on but i prefer to know what's going on and have fun than running 120 fps constantly and getting pwned because i can't play with out cheating .) 


That's basically all you need to know, 


Chance of ban ? Well we are cheating so, yes


Cheating is bad, however pretty harmless, because nothing at stake in Dead By Daylight. Some ways of cheating are easy to detect ( like speed-hacking ) some are not ( using esp smart ) 


Take cares ! 









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