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Excynic's Review


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Was abit on the fence on buying a cheat ( I usually play roguelites or cod on ps4 ) but I love realm so I decided to give this a go. Must say I'm impressed. 


Aimbot : I hardly ever use this thing except for when I'm going against try-hard players. Works perfectly like it should while not being too obvious with the default settings. Projectile based weapons do miss from time to time but I kinda like it that way, makes it less suspicious and projectile based aimbots are insanely hard to get right so no complaints here ! 


ESP : I love the way the ESP is done. Clean but fancy at the same time. Only minor issue I have is with my less than great eyesight it's hard to see if people have shield points or not. An option to increase the size would be amazing but still pretty good without it ! 


Overall one of the better hacked clients I've used, which may not say much since I've only ever used hacked clients for Minecraft in the past xD. Deffinately recommend a buy. 



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