Honest cheat review #Squad

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This is an honest review of Chods Cheats #Squad
This is my opinion! My opinion came about by using the cheat without any YouTube videos, other reviews or objections from people

The gui / menu is very simple and understandable even for people who have never used cheats before. Like it a lot

ESP is very good. No bugs that I noticed. I think it is positive that you have not surrounded vehicles with an ESP box (find enemies more clearly). The vehicles have a simple lettering of the vehicle name

Aimbot reacts very quickly. Prediction could be slightly better, otherwise perfect. You can choose several Aimbot Bones (very good!).

NoRecoil no Swag flawless!
Speedhack is also very good! If you want to be safe, set the speed to 1.15!


 This is currently the best squad cheat. I have had two VIP invite only subs from established providers. Both had performance problems (firstly, Aimbot didn't work, ESP flickered). Everything works fine here in Chods!

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