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Read This Before Buying (29 Hours Of Use)


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This is the first time I have ever used a cheat from "chods-cheats.com" and honestly I'm not disappointed. I've used all kinds of cheats in my time so I can tell when something is poorly made, or when someone has actually put time into trying to make a good cheat. I would say this cheat is acceptable, but its prediction, and prioritization could definitely be improved. I've tinkered with every possible option on this cheat as I have used it for 29 hours over a few days.


Aimbot: Solid.

It has all the features you need to legit cheat, or if you want to blatantly cheat. I would recommend a low FOV and a low smoothness so maybe 4 and 4. This is how I like to legit cheat and it doesn't matter if you are using a precision weapon or an automatic this will get the job done you just gotta learn when to toggle and when to let go. Aimbot prioritization tends to be bad when a bunch of targets get in your FOV circle which happens a lot on this game. Nevertheless, I have been able to successfully legit cheat with this aimbot, and have gotten tons of friend requests, and commendations from people who seriously think I'm just nuts at the game. 


Visuals: Good Enough.


It has everything you need but it lacks customization of course you can turn off and on anything you want but that's about it. I would recommend leaving your FOV circle on so you can more realistically snap onto targets and know when to toggle.  Sometimes the visibility checker is wrong, and you will end up locking onto someone behind an object but this really only happens with objects like bushes. 


Misc: Could have more features.




Overall this is worth the money. It costs less than its competitors, and honestly it has the same features as its competitors. Plus according to the website it has never been detected, and I believe that because Paladins has cheaters on the top leader board. 


















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