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12 Hours in... SQUAD


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Chod's is renowned for having a real clear, crisp and customisable ESP. I used to use the Tarkov cheese way back and that was perfect and this SQUAD one is just so right. I only run Skeleton, Health and Distance and that is the perfect amount of information I need to play and it doesn't clog up my display with numbers and such all over the place.



To be fair when I saw that No Recoil and No Sway were added I knew then I didn't need to use Aimbot. Having these two active is more than enough to have a massive advantage over players and with killing people on the move without the use of the Aimbot you still can get some real good satisfaction out of the game even though I am still using this cheese. 


 As far as anything else goes for the cheese that is all I use when I play SQUAD. I prefer to use as little as possible to keep the game somewhat of a challenge and not just go around raging all the time, I just have enough of an advantage to get kills and help my Squad out to then hopefully win some rounds but then I can not account for the other 90+ players with me. All in all I think this is one of the best cheeses to come from Chod's as of late and I will continue to use this long into the future.


I literally only have two gripes with it and they are not even anything wrong just me personally. One is the No recoil, I wonder if you could get it so the gun stays completely still when firing as I know it does give kick back but obviously does not rise up the screen like it normally would. I am still getting many kills a game but just would like that perfect stationary platform when shooting. The last thing is the optimisation of it, I can tell the game drops frames when it suddenly finds someone on my ESP within range and when I get many people going the game does like to drop considerably more frames in big fire fights. This cheat is brand new and everything won't be perfect first time out but I hope you can get on top this at some point in the future.

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