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  1. ESP Chod's is renowned for having a real clear, crisp and customisable ESP. I used to use the Tarkov cheese way back and that was perfect and this SQUAD one is just so right. I only run Skeleton, Health and Distance and that is the perfect amount of information I need to play and it doesn't clog up my display with numbers and such all over the place. AIMBOT To be fair when I saw that No Recoil and No Sway were added I knew then I didn't need to use Aimbot. Having these two active is more than enough to have a massive advantage over players and with killing people on the m
  2. So I have been playing with this hack now for about 15 hours now and it's been great thus far. The ESP is nice and crisp and clear so I always know where other players and NPCs are all the time aslong as they are within 425m which is a set value currently. With this knowledge I'm able to take down the missions on my own and can fully take control of the situation and always clear them out with a bit ease. You can adjust what Items you can see like Ammo, Clothes, Guns and more but a few things are currently missing that are not showing up like Metal Sheets and Burlap and maybe other