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2K Games Editor Account [Every 2K Game for free]


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Account Details :

*All the 2K Games with each and every DLC along with special ability to have each and every upcoming game and DLC.

*Completely Secured with sold owner.

*Vac-clean and Verified to my personal email for security.

*Once secured, can be yours for lifetime and you will enjoy each and every game 2K releases on steam with Pre-orders and all DLCs as well.

Special Note : You get everything 2K releases.From the base game to the ending DLC, each and everything.With no hidden costs and nothing else.The account will be yours lifetime and will be having all the 2K games and DLCs.

List of dlc's / games it has at the moment


Payment Options : Paypal and Bitcoins

Quantity : 1

Price: 100€ via bitcoin or 125€ via paypal

My skype: sheepywolf

Upcoming games to be added for free(Includes all DLCs to be released in future) :



And every other game ever released by 2K games is guaranteed added to the account.

Borderlands The: Pre Sequel, Sid Meier's Civilization: BEYOND EARTH has been added to the account

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With my private methods, this isn't a hacked account and it has no owner.It will stay with you forever.To add further security to the account, you can just buy a random game on the account, so incase you get hacked/compromised, you will be able to recover the account.

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I have vouches on my other thread from Moderator and such, i've sold many accounts here, but the site went down and my vouches are gone.

I can show proof to serious buyers only, since i don't want it to be banned.

I'm willing to use middleman off this site aswell.

Some proof here, as you can see there's all dlc contents on the games.



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