Escape from tarkov cheat ?

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Guess from your "Joined Date" you've been here already some time - so it should have made it to you that they dont give out any ETA. They did do some status updates from time to time before they launched their new framework, but since the cheese was detected twice quite quickly (first one couple of hours, second one ~couple days), they remain a bit quieter since that.  Nevertheless they keep commenting that the cheat is coming back - but I highly doubt this will be in the next months.  


If you have a look in the cheese community, you see that there is not much available since battleEye was introduced. You can pay ~160-200USD for a public/slotted one, which lasts you a couple of days before you get banned in the best case or you get scammed.


Personally I think cheesing in Tarkov is pretty much over - you will still get some ESP from somewhere, but it will be detected in no time.  With 12.7 coming up, BSG added a report function at the end of a raid, so another thing which makes it even more difficult.  Better to invest the time and money into a EOD Edition and start playing legit. I myself suck bad at playing legit, but it is still a bit of fun and you do not have to worry about getting the hammer. Sure progress is slow and every level is a ton of hours put into it (at least for me)  and if you are lucky, you will get a bit better, again not in my case exactly :D




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