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DBD hack review!


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; [6/10]
-> The ESP does work, it's perfectly-functional, though; it's quite ugly, and I'd prefer customizable boxes over IRC-styled text...

SPEED; [10/10]
-> One of my favourite features, you can adjust the speed at which you travel through a slider.

GHOST; [999/10]
-> This feature is wonderful, you can disable your survivor/killer/terrain/obj-collision, perfect for getting places quickly, dodging those pesky killers, or just simply; disabling your hitbox, disabling your survivor's hitbox is very useful, it can can allow you to be unhittable in any survivor-state; reviving/gen-rushing/totem-clearing/healing/un-hooking, I prefer using this over insta-heal, simply because

TELEPORT; [8/10]
-> Great for destroying hex-totems early!

BP-EXPLOIT; [9/10]
-> Out of BP's? No problem, just give yourself some ... the only issue pertains to the amount given, it'd be amazing if we could pre-select the amount we'd recieve, that is my only wish.


-> This feature is occasionally nice when facing a toxic killer, it'll usually put you on a matchmaking cool-down though, I wouldn't suggest using it.

SAFETY; [999/10]
-> Your worries of ANY ban can drift away, this DBD cheat is actually UD, it's one of the best out there. I've been rage-hacking in public lobbies for over 28 days now, I assure you, this product is safe.

-> For when you have completely retarded teammates, this feature proves EXTREMELY-reliable.

INSTA-HEAL; [10/10]
-> Works as advertised, no issues found...

UI; [10/10]
-> The UI works flawlessly.

INJECTION; [999/10]
-> An insanely easy injection that's noob-proof...

-> You'll experience a few BSOD's, I've had a couple using this cheat, but they'll lessen or completely-disappear after continuous usage, I'm not sure why...

CONFIGURATION; [N/A] continuous
-> The DBD cheat does not support saved-configurations, you'll have to reconfigure the settings after each injection.

-> This feature is plenty-helpful, it's great during gens/healing/totems/un-hooks/ect... especially when DOCTOR or similar is around...

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