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so im just curiously asking if Dayz standalone bans HWID? im using something atm i wont mention what or who but a cheat for dayz. i have an alt account im using it on but am worried that if that gets banned that my main might get banned can someone clarify some things for me? or what precuations i could take without spending money or atleast until your guy's spoofer is up

since battleye is on multiple different games will i be cross banned? (egbanned on dayz sa for cheating login to my main that may contain games like ark,r6s,fortnite etc etc) with battleye will they be banned? after restarting my computer.

im only playing on modded community servers.

im mainly only using esp (or murder mode /silent aim) but i make it look legit by actually aiming at the character when in fights

i did search the forum and spent a good hour or 2 of googling what could happen and to my avail i got mixed answers some say it does hwid ban you others say it doesnt

others  require a whole new pc while others can make a new steam acc and rebuy the game

im really confused about the situation and ive even been told that since 1.0 release of dayz they do evenless hwid bans?


tldr; mixed answers from alot of people im not being stupid, blatant rage hacking i killed 10 or so people today with murdermode and didnt get called out once

and i guess the hwid ban can also be based off if the cheat im using is detected?


note: i have not cheated with anything on this pc other than what i currently mentioned now, so i have never been banned on this computer i currently own

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