Review for Dead by Daylight Cheat

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ESP - 10/10

You see all the information about the map. You at the beginning of the game know where the totem with corruption is located. You see where the pallets are, which helps a lot during the chase. You can control the whole game. You have information about all the key objects.


Automatic Skill Check - 10/10 

You can repair the generator and still have a meal. :3


SpeedHack - 10/10

You can loop killer around 1 safe pallet all game. Just turn on the speed hack when you go outside the wall.


Ghost Mod - 9/10

When repairing the generator, turn on the god mode and the killer can do nothing for you. Also, while you are jumping through the window and realizing that you will get a hit, you can turn it on and legally avoid this hit :) The only negative is that you cannot control the height of the god mode (or I just did not understand how to do this)


Teleport - 10/10

When you understand that you are in a dead zone, just leave the field of view of the killer and teleport to another player)))


Healing - 10/10

A very interesting application of this function is that you can simply block the killer when he carries the survivor to the hook. He just can't kill anyone!


100% Hook Escape chance  10/10 - Very fun function 


In the end, I want to say that I recommend this cheat for purchase. It will make your game much more interesting and more fun.


For Chod's Cheat team:

*Please add a function so that you can dispense items during the game (if it possible)

*Please add a simple aimbot (It's will be very good for Hill Billy)



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