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DBD Cheese Review


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Ah,my first "actual" post in the Chods forums in 1 year,been around for a year,as a matter of fact just on Feb.15 was my one year anniversary here on Chods! Amazing place and service,can never give enough credit to Chod or the mods or really the whole team,ESPECIALLY the coders. I've used every cheese offered except the ones for Realm Royale and Paladins. Tarkov was my reason for joining a year ago,then I got hooked on buying almost all the cheeses available and then the DayZ cheese which was my favorite from Chods. (ETA?) jk.  Anyways,this is my review of the DBD Cheese after using it for some time,I just never got around to reviewing anything,but I can say I was never disappointed but instead overjoyed with every cheese.

ESP 9/10
-The ONLY reason the ESP does not get a perfect score of 10/10 is because just like I've seen other members of the community say,the color of some of the things being shown in  the ESP like "Totem Hex" is a bit off and hard to see if you decide to leave every single ESP option on. I could go on and nitpick it,but it's truly difficult for me even more so because I'm colorblind,I can still differentiate what's what,but with certain things,and again just like other members have said,it's sometimes difficult,not always,but sometimes difficult to try and find whatever it is you're looking for. This can be solved by simply turning off certain items in ESP,but I enjoy the clustered chaos,I just hope the color can be adjusted or tweaked slightly,but it's not a bad thing,just a nitpick. 

Skillcheck 10/10
-Not much to say,it works,just slap on automatic and boom you can AFK a gen until you see the killer running at you from across the map,wonderful feature that works flawlessly,thank you Chod and team

Speedhack/Ghostmode 10/10
-Also nothing much to say here either,both work perfectly,except with Ghostmode occasionally toggling you into the crouching stance. It's VERY easy to do gens with even just one of these tools at your disposal. Killer coming but don't like speedhacking? Just walk into the tree. No tree? Walk into that rock. You're on Lerys? Walk through the wall and come back. Speed? Get to the other side of the map in 0.5 seconds. Very fun and easy,be mindful though if another survivor sees you and catches you using "Sprint Burst" they're gonna be confused as to why Meg's perk is better now in this match they're in than it has been in the past 4 years.
MISC 9/10
-Want perks? Want to try new builds or try different survivors or killers? Easily add 1,000,000 BP and you got yourself a lot of choices. It's "risky" in the options menu but I've yet to hear about anyone in the community to get banned for using it. Just yesterday someone said they've used it 30 times in a row before,and I can also say I've used it a ridiculous amount of times as well. Chod and team,you've outdone yourselves once again. 
-Being able to instantly heal is great and all,but more often than not,unless you're purposely trying to get caught,you don't get the chance to use it. Why bring in a MedKit or the SelfCare perk  if you can be a troll with a purple flashlight with the best add ons? I can't tell you how many times I save teammates who are being carried by the killer with it. The insta heal option is a great addition,I use it every so often when no ones looking,but it'll be when I brought a MedKit or SelfCare so it doesn't look "sus". 
-Flashlight aim is a bit wonky,more often then not,it hasn't worked for me,I prefer not to use it as of now but in my next games,I will surely use it more and see if maybe I just ended up with it being buggy during those games but I know I'm not the only one to mention the flashlight aim bug.
-Ah,teleport,see this is if you really don't care about being banned,I've never really used it,but we all know what it's like to teleport.
-100% hook escape chance is great,but don't overuse it,sooner or later someone on the leader boards or some third party website used to check stats is gonna notice,hey,this person has unhooked themselves 98 times and never failed,huh. I tend to fail a hook escape chance once or twice and then use it every couple of games or so,just to spread it out a bit.

All in all it's a wonderful thing really,few nitpicks here and there,but 100% worth the money. One final thing before I finish here. Be aware when using this as the killer as it's a 1v4 apposed to a 4v1 as a survivor. So if you ever happen to decide to rage hack and teleport to everyone,murdering the survivors while also speedhacking as an invisible Wraith or Hillbilly moving at Mach 10,be aware that's most likely 3-4 reports instead of the 1 report from a killer,and even then most killers won't report,most people in the game won't report to begin with unless they see you walk through walls with the Plague popping in and out and teleport-vomiting on them. So if you EVER get banned,don't blame Chod,blame yourself. Play smart,be "responsible" but have fun with it,but don't just teleport to everyone and insta heal and everything else thats "suspicious".  I hope my review helps some people decide whether they want to buy this or not,hopefully you do. Happy Cheesing! 

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