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Cant login on customer account


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Hello there, today I bought cheat for DbD on my first account named razerdog93, then when I tried to login it was asking QR code, I tried Google Authenticator and many QR applications on phone and it wont work... is there any other solution to fix that problem?

I can login on product via USB and play normal, but I cant login on forum anymore because of that QR code... Even my friend tried on his better phone with much better camera and still nothing.

I hope that there is a fix to recover my customer account.

Thank you.

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Please follow these steps to fix your QR code login.


If your generated code doesnt work:

1. Delete the code from your phone.

2. Go to the 3 dots on the top right of the Google Authenticator app

     and make sure your codes are synced with the internet.

3. Scan the code again.


If you dont have a phone to scan it:

Install this browser addon.


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