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Monthly News [03.2020]


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We've made lots of security improvements in the last few weeks and months!
We also improved the injection a lot and implemented fixes for multiple types of crashes/bugs.

The menu system will get an overhaul with better seperation of the feature tabs and new icons.

Unfortunately the Spoofer is not fixed yet, even tho it seems to work properly for
50% of the users. The other main issue is that it can cause HWID locks,
even if no actual hardware has been changed.
We are working on these issues and will fix them as soon as possible.

Our hotkey system for the cheats is now done and will be officially added in the near future for all cheats!


We are currently going through all our existing cheats again to improve them as much as possible.
We want to make our cheats perfect, with unique features, good performance, a great overview and user-friendliness.

Escape from Tarkov

Hunt: Showdown
We released the cheat as beta in the last month and are currently working on fixing bugs, crashes and the performance.
You can expect lots of updates for it in the near future with new features and more improvements as well. :)
And yes, we will add an aimbot.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends is the first cheat on the rework list.
The RCS has been improved, the hotkey system is in and we are working on more features.
Ofcourse we noticed the bugs that some users have, especially with the aimbot, and are fixing them as well.

Here a little preview of our new third person feature:

Thats it for this month. As always thanks for staying with us, even in our hardest times. The whole team appreciates it!
Let's make Chod's Cheats great again!

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