DBD Review. A+

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Hello! I'm going to make this a short and honest review of DBD.


Visuals 10/10: The esp works flawlessly. With options to turn off/on each individual thing. No Issues there.


Features 9/10: So far, these are some of the best features I have found with a DBD Cheese. The unhooking, auto-healing and ghost mode. You are literally unstoppable.

 However I'd really like if there was a way to unlock all characters, even if it was only temporary. :)  


Security 10/10: I've done raging and played normally so far with no bans. I'm sure the time will come, Purely because of the way I play lol. But by far the best security I've had with a public cheese.


Overall 9.5/10:  I'd really like to see an unlock feature but other than that I really can't complain. The cheese has worked great and I am already rank 1 with almost no callouts. 

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we need unlock all perks because when we rage we wanna smurf

and it takes years using blood points to level up multiple chars to 50

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