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Why I/ you have started to use cheese? EFT cheese


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Here my reasons to use the cheese:??



I am a normal person with a job and some hobbys. I would say I have a normal real life.

But if you play EFT and you have no time for playing in the whole week: From Monday until Friday,

then all the other players are leveling up so fast. Faster than you.

And you are at level 13 and the other players at level 50+.


I am a medium range player. And it is bad when some high level players fight against me. This players has better: Weapons, better ammunition, better armor. You know what will happens....☠️?

This fucks me up so much. And you lose all the stuff.


And on the other and the wipes. I have no time to play 200 hours or more to have all trades in the maximum level. And after that there comes this fucking wipe.


And this costs a lot of precious hours from the real life. In my oppinion it is more important to learn for school, A level, university or the job....


When I use the cheese I can boost my level and the traders in a few hours at the weekend.


After that and with 20.000.000 RUB a play without cheese. I have fun and I have not waste my time. And I have fun from one wipe to the other wipe.


And last but not least: I will kill the character which is Nikitas character. ???



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Because dying more than surviving and losing the itens it's a waste of time.


And it's specially annoying in an online game wich has fucked up netcode and people abusing ping.


So I either play the offline emulator OR I cheat on the official game.

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Because i suck at the game but i still enjoy playing it and i don't have time or the will to get really good at it. I there was SP mode for EFT i would be playing that for sure. When i use cheese in EFT i don't kill everyone. if i see a low geard guy i avoid him, or guy that just killed a three man squad i don't go after him i can make money some other way. What i do like to do, is if a i see a 4 man bully team killing everything and everyone i kill one or two of them just to mees up with them  :D

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13 hours ago, sofly1911 said:

Because I like looting every good thing and having it all to my self. Very greety with the ingame loot, don't even care about killing others unless they have great stuff and I wouldn't have to go out of my way to chase them.

My feelings exactly :ph34r:

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