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EFT different versions


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I don't know if this has already been suggested or whether its something that has been mentioned so sorry if it has.


Obviously with the work put in the EFT cheat price will go up and a lot of what has been posted I agree with there are no other providers out their with quality of work like Chod does.


However when I use the cheat I dont use all the fancy stuff just esp so will their be a cheaper version for just ESP only or not?

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there would be no reason, as you dont pay for the features you pay for the security and even a version with just esp would need the same security as any other feature, so the price would be the same just without access to other features and there would be no reason for that.


If a feature is risky Chod will remove it, and in the end if the user believes it looks more suspect to use lets say aimbot, you can just not use it, but we like to allow users the freedom to use all features if they see fit.

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Just to add on Xpi:

Basically if you rage and aimbot everything on map, you have higher chance getting banned if you do this to some content creator. I watch twich a lot so i know the biggest names, I recommend to do the same to avoid rekting some streamer and getting banned by human. Watch our for the mods and coders with different account icons too!

Also, there are a lot of guides to "safer" cheesing, like never watch someone through wall, use silent aim, etc, just read it through.

I played sometimes with a team and to not get "detected" by your teammates I just carried thermals, big scopes etc. I recommend to KNOW the game good before you start cheesing. I played for like 2 years before starting with cheese and know the map plus have the ESP allows you to get really good vantage points.

You will get your own playstyle in week or 2, you will figure out what suits you. For players I mostly used ESP only with aimbot on on/off button in case I needed help with my actual aim on short range, but mostly I took M700, some 50x scope and practiced my long-range sniping ability :) This is where aimbot wont help you at all, the drop of bullet and movement of players requires you to know how to shoot and makes the cheat hard to "human-detect" if you know how to hide the esp with some artificial "looking around".

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They've answered this question before, no different versions are planned. If you want to function as a "legit" player, adjust your cheese accordingly.


Focusing on two versions of the cheese doesn't make a lot of sense as far as timeliness and updates go, so I can't blame them for just wanting one version... Plus, this hack is well worth the money, so no sense in releasing a cheap version of it.

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In (going on) almost three years they're has only been a couple changes like that. In the sense of EAC Proof CSGO Hacks and the default CSGO hack. 

In my mind if they were to make a simpler version they would most likely perfect it above what its already at (which is basically perfect) and possibly might even make the price higher.

Given the fact that if that cheat were to be used right, you could go insane amounts of time not being banned. Given the ban right is low as it is on every game.

But for that one specific feature me personally, i'd charge more because i know you could do much more with it. But also think of it like this, even if you dont use those options as of now; you may want them later. It's always awesome to have.

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