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Dead by Cheeselight


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So here's how it is:



-ESP is top notch, never had any tracking issues plus the distance meter is super helpful when tracking the killer

-Skill Check auto is wonderful and showing how little I realize  Chod's developers offer; I didn't know it existed till a dozen games in. Jeez. 

-All the tags (especially the with the latest update) are wonderful and very helpful. Others have mentioned that Totems remain even after being dismantled but no big deal for me though. 



-ESP. Can't really elaborate more on what I've already said. It does its job well. 


Hmmm I don't know what else falls under the Killer that doesn't apply to the Survivors as well...if I think or notice something more while I play I will addendum to this review. 


Really other than that I can't complain but then again I'm a pretty easy customer so without being overtly enthusiastic I give this cheat 9/10.  


Thank you Chod and Don. 


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