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Freeze EFT Sub after release?


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Hi Guys, quick question.

I just learned that I will spend either whole december or january on business trip, without the option to play.

Once the EFT is released, the sub (which is about 4 weeks remaining for me) will unfreeze.

Can it get frozen only for me?


I know you do not pause cheese, but in this special case, where we bought on period where we know we can play and now I would get it on period where I wont even be home, can there some adjustments be made? Because basically I would have no way to play on sub I paid when I knew I had whole month at home.


If you are afraid I am trying to scam you, I can provide some evidence, like scheduled flights etc...



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There is no way to know when will what happen. 

I did not want time-table speculations here, I just wanted to know if they can freeze my sub in this special circumstances, where you basically would be forces to use the subscribtion in timeframe you did not select. So please do not post any "it will take 2 years" posts and crap like that. There is tons of other topics where you can complain bro...

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Sorry not meant to be complaining just trying to lighten your situation. Also, as this site doesn’t “pause” a subscription after a ban (expecting you to be able to purchase a new copy of game and continue playing same day) I do not expect them to pause your account because you’re going on vacation. As I stated your best bet would be to hope that it isn’t released until you are back. 

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You know, in case you get banned: that comes with the cheese - I understand they do not want to pause. Leaving to vacation -> you plan to to buy the subscribtion or you do not care if you have 6 months, because its way cheaper.
Imagine you buy GYM access from July to August and they tell you sure but you can come from December to January... You buy subscribtion when you can use it, if you cant use it during timeframe you selected its your fault. But if someone move this timeframe, they have to adjust for others a bit!

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