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EFT High Ping = GOOD???


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Just ran in to a vid of a dude explaining how higher ping is better than lower ping in Tarkov.  Wandering if smarter people than I, can concur?  In my experience lower ping is always better as your reaction times are more precise.  In my mind lower ping = less lag in action to result.



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Higher ping in eft is a bonus due to peekers advantage.

in short if we have 2 players Player A and Player B

Player A has a ping/ms of 50

Player B has a ping/ms of 250


if both of them turn a corner at the same time, player B will see Player A right away as he has a low ping and the server updates his pos fast where as Player A wont see Player B untill 250ms after as the server takes longer to get his pos due to the higher ping/ms, so Player B has an advantage due to his ping as he shows up slower on the server but he sees the low ping/ms player before they see him.


This is something that was a big big problem in early days of eft due to bad server delay and peekers advantage was real.


just remember it can allso be used against you, so its not only a good thing to have a high ping, as you will show up where you aren't and you could get killed when you think you are behind cover but due to your ping you haven't gotten behind cover yet.

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Ive heard about this before, its usually described as "peekers advantage"

So basically if you have a high ping AND you are the one who peeks a corner first for example, you get an advantage... but it also means if the other player peeks on you then you are at a disadvantage.


Edit: what he said ^ :)

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