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Tarkov - How to not die?


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Hi all!


I started playing Tarkov 2 Years ago, mainly because I am a weapon nerd and enjoyed all the cool weapon mods no game at that moment offered. I played offline raids for hours and did 2-3 online raids. I quit EFT and joined back with a mate with patch .11. At this point I discovered that there are some cheats for this game available. I was never really a big fan of cheats but with ESP and Aimbot this game was playable for me and also helped my mate when playing together. I used it as sparely as possible, disable the aimbot almost all the time to get as much Tarkov Experience as possible.

Since BE was added, absolutely no provider is offering anything trustworthy right now I wanted to give legit playing a try again together with my mate. Since the patch came out, we both managed to get to lvl 4 - let that stand alone. Up to now I exited a PMC run once, never killed a PMC and die 9/10 scav runs. To sum it up, we both suck and with all the info available on YouTube and forums for Beginners we still suck big time. We try a Scav-Run to get equipment, eventually survive and then lose it within 5 min in a PMC run.

We crouch and prone almost for 20 minutes, then we take 20-30 steps and dead. Almost every time. All the effort in trying to figure out how to play this game right is leading to more deaths and lack of rubels. There is absolutely no learning curve for us, feels like we are doing steps back. 


Is there anyone around how experienced similar issues and did overcome? Any tips you can share for us bloody noobs to get the slightes enjoyment out of this game?


I would really appreciate some help :(




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I had something similar and im trying to overcome it by watching good streamers (my favorite is kotton) and learning how they play... a major part of this game is confidence and sound as DeDok said.

If you watch good players they are never camping, they play with confidence and are always on the move almost baiting shots from others while at the same time knowing where to take cover, at the same time they hear the slightest sound and instantly know whats going on or rougly where the sound came from etc.

They also are very good at hip firing, ALWAYS shoot for the head and stay cool no matter the situation... also realise even they get absolutley wrecked on a regular basis and dont let it effect their confidence, thats just Tarkov.


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Today my friends and I we played EFT. We try the Prapor quest "Kill 15 scavs in woods" and I was killed from a hacker. After my dead I decided to play factory at night. And the same fucking bastard kills me. He has no night vision and no light on his gun and he can see all.


And the other problem is for playing the lab you need therapist at level 4!!!!! And a labkey cost 300.000 RUB! What the fuck BSG?????????


Now I decided to play EFT when the cheese is ready. Then I can rush all quests and level up the trades and after that with so 14 millions of RUB I play without cheese.


You know BSG gives the streames big extra bonus: money, gear and so on and Chod gives us fine cheesecake.???

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In EFT its not all in aim or spray control, using your head is a must. You need to know when to push and when to wait for the other person to tire from waiting and push you, to give you an easy one.

For myself i already know when to back off or move to different location when in combat, comes from my time spent on Arma 3. Never peek same corner more than twice, displacement (move if you can) back off if the location doesn't feel comfortable, live to fight again.

Also sometimes just stay still for a second and gather your surroundings, listen for footsteps or bushes etc. Learn the maps so you know if someone walks on metal or wood etc. you get the idea where they may be.

There is a massive skill gap in this game, you just need to find your own playstyle and stick with it. Learning comes after. EFT wiki is useful in many ways, telling penetration values and how to do guests what items are useful and if you need them for something.

Good luck out there, and hope you enjoy the game as much as i do :)

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