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My review of the DbD Cheat


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So I got this cheat yesterday and finally got some time to sit down and play some games with it, I personally love it but there are some improvements it needs.


I'll start with the pros;


The ESP works as it should, with some issues I will mention in the cons, does not lag either.

It has been undetected since release.

The generator ESP with the progress meter is an insanely nice help.

The Hatch ESP spawns before the hatch itself does giving you a large advantage and knowledge of spawn location.


Now, Let's move into the cons;


The ESP can be very odd and spawn more survivor boxes, usually in the same place sure but it's still very annoying at times, which personally is the only con / issue I have with it due to it being confusing at times and can just make me lose myself for a moment until I realize it's a static box with no player. They do seem to have this issue marked in the roadmap so I assume it will be fixed sometime, though. Another issue I have with it is if you phase with the Spirit it hides the box ESP ands only says survivor which don't get me wrong, it is not bad but would be nice to have an option of keeping it on.


Another ESP issue I have is when I am the killer and enable survivor ESP it doesnt work unless I ALSO enable Killer ESP, if only one is active it wont work.


Regarding the skill check, I cannot seem to do anything with it, so I cannot say anything about it apart from that it seems to not be working as of right now, but there is a mention of it again in the bug reports / roadmap.



In general ; The cheat does the trick, still needs some updates but what doesn't? I personally can recommend this to anyone looking for a secure, undetected DbD cheat that does not mind following the current path of development and facing any issues / bugs involved with the current build. I will be sticking with Chod's from now on and cannot wait to see the cheat improve. 8/10.


Thank you ❤️



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