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Never Introduced myself


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Stare, is a shortened name I go by. I am 33, I have been a member for Chods for over 1 year, I was kind of a creeper lurking on the forums never really contributing, that is just kind of my style I like to play games, rather then putting a lot of time to play on the forums. I work a full time job as well manage 4 kids. Being that EFT is down, I have a little extra time as I do not like to play EFT with out ESP. My back story is I started with **, the staff was kind of "Lacking support in their community" I then moved to **, been a member of *** for about 5+ years, I came across Chods threw a buddy of mine who plays EFT, and I liked the features that Chods had that other sites did not have, I also thought it had a better layout, and was much smoother then other providers.


Glad to finally make an introduction & be a supporting part of the community



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