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Hello Chod's community.


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I'm looking to get into the EFT group and meet some more people to play with. Currently EFT and Rust are my main games. I've been pc gaming for a LONG time. I remember upgrading to 9700pro just so I could play Black and White. I started with Counter Strike modded back on the WON before steam was even out. So needless to say I'm in my adult hood at this point. I do still play counter strike from time to time but it's not really my main choice anymore. Back when CAL shut down I kind of stopped caring about competitive gaming. Now that you know about my gaming history lets talk about my cheating history. CS was probably the only game I never cheated on. Even as a child I never cared for playing games fairly. I had a sega genesis for my 1st console and shortly after I found game genie to take my gaming to the next level. 1st PC game I ever used cheats on was probably battlefield 2. I loved that game, I'm saddened to see the state of those games at this point. I also cheated the entire time I played BF 2142, I'd get in the gunner seat of a walker and my friend would drive and I'd rage anyone and every one. It's funny to see even after 10+ years of gaming and cheating it's still pretty much the same. Just a giant cat and mouse game. I've been with my last community since the BF2 days, but they're no longer supporting the games I'm currently playing and I'm tired of battlefield. So here I am looking for a new community to be apart of that will hopefully  take me in. I've been reading the pre-sale questions and honest cheat reviews and those are one of the main reasons why I'd like to join you all. You allow people to critic your cheats and give honest opinion without censoring them. It also seems the main developer and his admin team are very active in the community. Anyways that's about all I can think of at the time, hello everyone and if you wouldnt mind sending me a message of the public discord I wouldn't mind joining and getting to know you all.


p.s. Sorry for the wall of text.

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Hey ? welcome to chods, been here for about 8 months. Community has always been very welcoming and very helpful. There’s always someone in chat box with answers to any problems although I’ve never had the pleasure of teaming up with anyone from here they all come across as a decent bunch. Keep your eye on faceless has he does regular giveaways ?. Enjoy your stay!

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