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Hi my name is OnlyTheBest I never introduced myself when i purchased the content for EFT but I have to say since purchasing I am very pleased with it. I personally have not had any bad issues or run ins with a possible ban. Probably from the safety precautions that I take. But beyond that topic I have 2 questions that hopefully I can help with.


1. Will we see a Hack for Dayz Standalone?

(I feel that the game has progressed enough to the point that it deserves a menu and can help people experience the game better with a little boost of ESP for loot and other content of that nature)

2. Will the EFT menu gain a function to change the color of loot?

(for example: I am trying to farm keycards and bitcoin. Can we get a new function so I can color everly but that white and the bitcoin or keycards will be orange for rarity.)





P.S. I am in the military so if I am gone while this forum is up please do not close it I would like to see the answers. Thank you and Cheat on!

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