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I keep getting absolutely shredded in labs by 1 person that cheats, me and my 4 other squadmates and whatever I try my esp is just so much inferior to theirs in EVERY scenerio. I don't know if I'm missing something but whatever settings I use these guys are already locked unto my head before their hitbox even appears on my screen or my esp locks unto them they're firing rounds unto my head.

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1 minute ago, IdiotGuy said:

Well, you are using esp only, meanwhile they are using aimbot too.

And probably no recoil, sway, breath etc. 

My apologize I didn't mention right, I'm using the aimbot with no sway and breath as well, should I try out no recoil?

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  • Administrator

It is a must. Aimbot will not be able to land any hits at all if you don't have these features on.

Probably thats why you are dying, maybe your first shot hits but your second is over his head already.


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