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Man customer support pretty slow. I get it says a couple of hours but that equates to roughly 2 hours not 5. An the money has been taken from my account and it says they can't confirm my address when my card, bank account, an PayPal all have the same address. But if you ain't "confirm" it then the transaction shouldn't be made cause if they refund it will probably take till the end of next week for the money to show up in my account. But the money can be taken out before they can guarantee I will get what I'm buying. Doesn't make sense in my opinion. Cause the transaction is being made without providing the software. Doesn't everything line up if you're able to charge me 

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In the support ticket, I said that I do not have either of those and gave my reasoning and no one is trying to resolve the issue with me. Now since I have said here and there that I don't have that unless there is something else I can use as a form of "documentation" that would be nice if someone would work with me to help me rather than nothing be said at all. Cause maybe I can pull up my registration papers with my bank. Or something cause I do not have bills and I have moved since my last update on my ID. I can provide the ID but it has a different address. Same state same name an everything. Just a few towns over. Or like I said cause it says not to use a vpn so obviously my IP is tied to my account and if you look at it even says that its the same location as my address for the order I made

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