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RIP Me: ChodsCheat4LIFE


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Apparently everyone noticed my ChodsCheat4LIFE name lol. My friends were suppose to have names similar but they all changed it like idiots, before we could come to an agreement.



https://i.imgur.com/1q5yHdL.jpg Thanks to whoever posted this.


Here rests my accounts and my friends accounts: ChodsCheat4LIFE (was OGChodBone), CrownKiller, Crown(black in spanish lol, not getting banned here), and CrownPunisher. The crown people paid for extra benefits and I did the same thing, except the money went to the real developers. Chods Cheats has better coders than the coders for Tarkov. I was not banned using Chods, I was banned using some trash free cheat because the game consists of spawning and dying by being shot or glitched. I will never be able to use the account to troll the developers and players again, purposely speedhacking around to kill crowns and streamers who kiss-ass to the game. 






Woops, accidentally slipped and put my bitcoin address here incase anyone wants to give the devs a big "Fuck you" and fund my return. In fact, I accept all your shitty currencies that you lost money on anyways.


BTC:     3EHeEPViFip6b6rDdsXQpspXEBpQeavEk8

ETC:     0xcce3158D268D2A31911A8Eedf3c99e49b1d2021C

LTC:     MLhwm13YL9sRi8YaEkiP87gN1CP5eQeBGy

ZRX:     0x5d8687418fed2192DbA9CF06D1832dc6d59a8D82

PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/Biariuakbar





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