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  1. No one would ever believe that ChodsCheat4LIFE would want to donate to the red cross. -1 for ruining my bad name.
  2. Apparently everyone noticed my ChodsCheat4LIFE name lol. My friends were suppose to have names similar but they all changed it like idiots, before we could come to an agreement. https://i.imgur.com/1q5yHdL.jpg Thanks to whoever posted this. Here rests my accounts and my friends accounts: ChodsCheat4LIFE (was OGChodBone), CrownKiller, Crown(black in spanish lol, not getting banned here), and CrownPunisher. The crown people paid for extra benefits and I did the same thing, except the money went to the real developers. Chods Cheats has better coders than the coders for Tarkov. I was not banned using Chods, I was banned using some trash free cheat because the game consists of spawning and dying by being shot or glitched. I will never be able to use the account to troll the developers and players again, purposely speedhacking around to kill crowns and streamers who kiss-ass to the game. Woops, accidentally slipped and put my bitcoin address here incase anyone wants to give the devs a big "Fuck you" and fund my return. In fact, I accept all your shitty currencies that you lost money on anyways. BTC: 3EHeEPViFip6b6rDdsXQpspXEBpQeavEk8 ETC: 0xcce3158D268D2A31911A8Eedf3c99e49b1d2021C LTC: MLhwm13YL9sRi8YaEkiP87gN1CP5eQeBGy ZRX: 0x5d8687418fed2192DbA9CF06D1832dc6d59a8D82 PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/Biariuakbar
  3. No need for the sarcasm. Just kidding lol, thanks for existing. I hope you find a face soon.
  4. Hello, I would like to trade a 14+ year old Steam account for an Escape From Tarkov EoD account so I can change the email/pass. The Steam account has mostly older and classic games, like Garry's mod, Day of Defeat, Half Life, Counter Strike: Source, Half Life 2, and a bunch of other games. The account has no VAC bans. Feel free to make this account your main one, I know people get VAC bans and then switch accounts. This one has no trolly names, nothing that makes you embarrassing, it's just a normal account made in 2004, June 21. You get access to a full account, being able to switch all details over, like it is your own. I can also pay some money for the EoD account. If you want to discuss price/other offers, add me on Discord below. Discord: Biariuakbar Allahmajalimashmaj#9161
  5. Hello, I am here to post a quick testimonial that hackers and other coders can read, without being a pure kiss ass, so people can get the information they want out of the hacks. ________________________________________________________________________ Aimbot: 8/10. The only problem I have with the aimbot is that it sometimes targets someone though walls or shoots your aim high up. These incidents are very rare, and are only a minor inconvenience, as you should be getting 30+ kills before having any issues. ________________________________________________________________________ ESP: 10/10 I have never gotten any FPS drop from the ESP. There are tons of features for the ESP, which makes it pretty much perfect. A lot of customization, but not a lot of useless stuff like other hacks have. One thing I didn't want to mention is that the ESP has shut off randomly before, which I have only experienced 3-4 times out of 60+ hours, and it is mostly the games fault, I am pretty sure. ________________________________________________________________________ Misc Features: 10/10 The hack has many unique features that can save you tons of hours. Some of the features includes auto-unlocker for doors, which can save you so many hours, and can also save yourself when you need an emergency extract. There is also night vision and "Time of Day" hack, where you can make it day time or night time. There is also an unlimited stamina and "Speed hack" that lets you run infinitely and also run at maximum possible legit speed, with 0 penalties due to weight. Also, you can literally run around and level up endurance at a super fast pace, you can check in every 30 seconds to a minute and see it go up. ________________________________________________________________________ Total Score: 10/10 Despite there being some issues, this hack is the safest out of them all, and has earned a 10/10 due to there being no other better hacks (or similar ones). I don't want to waste time describing every reason why it is safe, but I have done my research, and I can guarantee that if someone offered me their hacks for free, even if they were a professional game developer, I would deny it. Chod has noticeable love put into the hacks, and every time the hack is down, it is put back up pretty quick. His only rule is that he doesn't work on the weekends, which may piss some people off, but that's like demanding for Bill Gates to work 60 hour work weeks. He does his job, he does it fast, he puts love, and he deserves the money.