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EFT Aimbot


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So i know atm the cheat is down but when i did use it although i am rather new the aimbot was sometimes a bit off and could exactly hit its target so is there a way to make it more accurate? like does fov effect it? or can i toggle it on and then off just to get my aim there quicker? or is there better settings like speeds that make it more accurate? 

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45 minutes ago, borrachoboy said:

I mean if we’re being honest keep aimbot off. With esp and no recoil, no breath, no sway it’s a fucking dream. 

good point but im just worried maybe they can look at game and spot that stuff easy. like if i toggle aim bot on a off to get head shot and body shots and then check corners as well and they see recoil and sway that it will look more realistic but idk you are rright about it being ten times easier with that stuff lol and sometimes a play legit and its easy but idk lol

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On 12/25/2018 at 11:21 AM, Derp said:

I usually have aimbot off and bound to a button if needed.  

Great to headshot stationary targets in the distance. (Just to get the crosshairs on that correct pixel)



This is great! I like it on a keybind and use it in these situations. 

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