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Tarkov Ban Algorithm


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They claim to manually review each case before banning so you must have been flagged. It's still quite easy to tell a hacker from a normal player when you watch them. You'll often make very strange movements that you won't notice because you have cheats and don't need to account for the lack of knowledge when it comes to searching a map for item X - you just make a B-line right towards it, or looking at a wall randomly to see where a player has gone. The only way to be safe is not to cheat - there is no sure way to never get banned. Sure, you're less obvious than a rage hacker but you still have a decent chance to get banned regardless.

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On ‎11‎/‎10‎/‎2018 at 2:34 PM, AverageAsian said:

I recently was banned in eft when using the eft cheat and i was just wondering what to not do so it doesn not happen again. I was only using safe features, not being obvious, not leveling too fast, and i didnt have an extraordinary kd. if anyone knows please share.

well I'm not banned even raging and wiping servers for 9 after while the cheat was down too. wiped hole server in matter of minutes. played EFT today legit, so I think its bad luck. Devs cant view everyone but maybe you was flagged or you told someone that you cheat. 

Maybe identical game tag with some cheating forums etc 

you can't tell 

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