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Hello, welcome in my account shop
I hope you will find there accounts you need for awesome price!



PLEASE VOTE - https://strawpoll.com/agp5y9xb



If you will vote i can get more accounts you like :)

LAST UPDATE : 10.11.2018



Prime accounts




Nonprime accounts




Explanatory Notes

Rank   - Current rank when i added it for sale
Wins - Current wins when i added it for sale
Screen - Current screen of CS:GO when i added it for sale
PoP - You'll get transaction IDs which were made on account( sometimes can help to recover account)
Never Injected!!! - This means on this account noone never injected anything
Account comes with skins - You will get everything what you can see in inventory ( I will not trade it to my inventory etc. )

If you will not understand anything feel free to pm me. I'll be glad to help you and answer your questions


ToS - Buying an account from me you agree with following:


1. If you're paying via paypal you HAVE TO send payment as Friends&Family otherwise i will not accept it

2. After 30 days since account was sold IM NOT taking any responsibility for account. Everytime i'll try help you but im not taking any responsiblity. ( Refund can take up to 15days ( Paypal refunds))

3. If you want any other details like faceit , esea etc. you must ask for it in same day you bought account

4. If account will be banned in any way ( OW, VAC, Untrusted, Trade ban community etc .... ) YOU ARE LOSING RIGHTS TO REFUND




If you're interested or do you have any questions please pm me :)

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If you crack or steal the accounts, you should sell them for much cheaper as in you're ToS it claims that after 30 days if something happens and account get locked or something, it's not you're responsibility anymore, by that I suggest you to lower the prices, eitherwise it's not worth the risk. Without that if you're new here, never bought etc. Never expect anyone to go first on you! Gl ws!

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My accounts are NOT cracked. My tos is against scammers that tried to scam me on other websites *******. I'm trusted seller known over the cheating sites. My prices are more than good, you won't find cheaper accounts than in my shop. 


And one more sentence about my ToS, i'm account RESELLER it means im buying those accounts from ppl over the world so they can refund it ( but usually my accounts are NOT refunded by the owner because im buying them from verifed source). 


If you want to know something about me feel free to ask me i'll be glad to answer your questions.





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