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After my 5th purchase on chod's and 1st for Realm Royal, I will give you my opignon on this one:

Menu: It is simple, but too simple, aesthetic level is not pretty, but at least it is (perfectly) functional and easy to use !

ESP: As in others, it works perfectly, note that the distance is not adjustable, which is a pity... and it applies only to players and not loots. So it's the legal minimum for an ESP, but it works and it's the main one.

Aimbot: It also works perfectly, however one has to press left alt to make it work (less detectable?). It also works perfectly and we can adjust the FOV and speed which is a good point.

Basically, the cheat works, but compared to the others that already exist (Chod's I speak), there has already been better

Parameterizable: 4/10

Best regards
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