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The software is locked to one computer at a time, but you are allowed one free hardware changes per month. If you need to change computers more than once per month you can purchase extra HWID resets from the store for a small fee. If only one item of hardware has changed and your location is the same your HWID will be automatically reset, however if more than one hardware item has changed or your location has changed then you will need to have your new HWID reset verified by a member of staff. Currently the only way around this is by buying one of our hardware unlocked usb sticks.

You can request a HWID reset in the member area. After that you will get a support ticket to provide the necessary informations.

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On 9/22/2018 at 1:11 AM, Havoc said:

So im trying to play Cs on my computer at my moms, but when I plug in the USB it says "Change Hardware ID, Please Reset" but i do not know what it means by that, so if you guys could get back to be asap that would be very much appreciated.

I had the same trouble as you. I played at lan centre and there were 200+ pcs. And i couldn't book for a single pc so i was basically changing my pc everyday. So, i had to buy the stick. It is currently in stock.

TBH, i still have not bought the stick yet because i had to show proof of address and i was travelling when i attempted to buy it. But , i no longer need it as i have got a gaming machine of my own. 

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