What is the benefit of Visual Studio?

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I had read a couple posts about having visual studio installed....

Just wondering a couple of things


What is the benefit of using Visual Studio? 

     - What is it doing?


Could you point me to a tutorial of it, if it is beneficial?



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Visual studio is a coding program, can't really say why it would help you to have it installed when cheesing? 

But I mean if you want to get started on coding cheats, getting visual studio and starting to follow tutorials would be one

way to go about doing it. 

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The way you're asking I'd suggest you to ignore anything related to Visual Studio.


As Wirpy already said, it's an integrated development environment, a widely used one with that.


It's been talked about because the anti cheat covering EFT checks your Visual Studio files. Which could be bad for cheat developers, but at the same time is a big no-no privacy wise since they sniff around in stuff I wouldn't want them to be sniffing around. What if they get proprietary code that's none of their business.

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