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So I see that the cheats are down due to the recent ban wave, thank god I was away for 2 months. So I wanna get back to the VIP forums again but the only way I see that I could get my subscription back is to buy one of the cheats that are UP RIGHT NOW, and I don't wanna do that, I wanna wait till CS GO cheat is back. So, can I get the subscription without paying for a hack? Just by paying the money and entering the VIP section again till the CS GO hack is back?

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You want access to the VIP section for free. Obviously No.

Wait until the cheat (Seems to be CS:GO) you paid for to come back online and fully operational and than proceed to talk either Chod or Emiiru about your subscription time compensation.

No, I used to be a VIP until it was expired. I asked if I could buy VIP without having to buy another cheat other than CS GO. That's all.

This is not a possibility. You'll have to wait for the cheat to get back up, like everyone else.

There isn't much going on in the VIP section anyway.

Thank you, Emii.

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