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I want to preface this by saying this is my 1st time cheating and that I do indeed feel bad.

Tarkov has a lot of great things and even more bad things. Desync, glitchy maps, terminator scavs, spawn issues, the list goes on. The worst issue? Cheaters. There are a lot. You really don't see just how many until you boot up ESP and watch 3 people speed run towards you because you have that shiny new M1A. Yeah, i'm a whiteknight.

Mechnicaly speaking the EFT cheat is tremendously good, for two reasons. Number one is of course the plethora of features but also the extreme granularity in customization. Being able to unlock doors or teleport to your point of aim is great and allows you to cheat without necessarily impacting normal players fun (unless you mean bullying poor hatchlings by TP'ing to marked room, screw those guys). The ability to bind a key to anything is great to be able to toggle the more impactful features (aimbot, no recoil, etc). 

Service wise, it is impeccable. The price is a little steep and i'd like to see a permanent purchase feature (say 80 GBP?) but I can certainly understand why. Chod and his team work very hard to update the cheat after the many EFT updates, pretty fast too. The launcher runs fine and is intuitive. 

Overall a great product and from a quick google I see zero reason to use any other provider over Chod's, it's that good (even if I do feel like a bully in game).

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